WALKER DATA is a consultancy helping clients solve a wide range of data science problems. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Spatial data science and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Demographics and location intelligence
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Data visualization and dashboard development with tools like Shiny, Mapbox, and Tableau
  • Training and custom workshops to help your organization use R, Python, Census data, and GIS tools more effectively
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WALKER DATA is led by its principal, Kyle Walker, Ph.D. Kyle is an internationally-recognized researcher, consultant, and software developer in the field of spatial data science, and was the 2022 recipient of the Spatial Data Scientist of the Year award from the software company CARTO. He is the author of the book Analyzing US Census Data: Methods, Maps, and Models in R, and has published several popular software packages for spatial data science in R and Python that have been collectively downloaded over 1 million times.

Kyle also serves as Director of Research for the Linnaean Company, a data science and strategy firm helping companies with business and location intelligence solutions. Learn more about the Linnaean Company here.