mapboxapi is an R package that interfaces with Mapbox web services APIs. Its purpose is to help R users incorporate the suite of Mapbox tools into their spatial data science projects. Install from CRAN with the following command:


To get started, sign up for a Mapbox account and generate an access token. Set your public or secret token for use in the package with mb_access_token():

mb_access_token("pk.eyas...", install = TRUE)

Once you’ve set your token, you are ready to get started using the package. The following example integrates Mapbox maps, navigation, and search services to plot a five-minute walking isochrone over an interactive Leaflet map using a Mapbox style:


walk_5min <- mb_isochrone("2850 S University Dr, Fort Worth TX 76129",
                          profile = "walking",
                          time = 5)

leaflet(walk_5min) %>%
  addMapboxTiles(style_id = "streets-v11",
                 username = "mapbox") %>%

Read through the following articles to see what you can do with the package:

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Please note: Use of Mapbox services through mapboxapi is governed by Mapbox’s Terms of Service and any account restrictions.