Obtain data and feature geometry for American Community Survey Migration Flows

  variables = NULL,
  breakdown = NULL,
  breakdown_labels = FALSE,
  year = 2018,
  output = "tidy",
  state = NULL,
  county = NULL,
  msa = NULL,
  geometry = FALSE,
  key = NULL,
  moe_level = 90,
  show_call = FALSE



The geography of your requested data. Possible values are "county", "county subdivision", and "metropolitan statistical area". MSA data is only available beginning with the 2009-2013 5-year ACS.


Character string or vector of character strings of variable names. By default, get_flows() returns the GEOID and names of the geographies as well as the number of people who moved in, out, and net movers of each geography ("MOVEDIN", "MOVEDOUT", "MOVEDNET"). If additional variables are specified, they are pulled in addition to the default variables. The names of additional variables can be found in the Census Migration Flows API documentation at https://api.census.gov/data/2018/acs/flows/variables.html.


A character vector of the population breakdown characteristics to be crossed with migration flows data. For datasets between 2006-2010 and 2011-2015, selected demographic characteristics such as age, race, employment status, etc. are available. Possible values are "AGE", "SEX", "RACE", "HSGP", "REL", "HHT", "TEN", "ENG", "POB", "YEARS", "ESR", "OCC", "WKS", "SCHL", "AHINC", "APINC", and "HISP_ORIGIN". For more information and to see which characteristics are available in each year, visit the Census Migration Flows documentation at https://www.census.gov/data/developers/data-sets/acs-migration-flows.html. Note: not all characteristics are available in all years.


Whether or not to add columns with labels for the breakdown characteristic codes. Defaults to FALSE.


The year, or endyear, of the ACS sample. The Migration Flows API is available for 5-year ACS samples from 2010 to 2018. Defaults to 2018.


One of "tidy" (the default) in which each row represents an enumeration unit-variable combination, or "wide" in which each row represents an enumeration unit and the variables are in the columns.


An optional vector of states for which you are requesting data. State names, postal codes, and FIPS codes are accepted. When requesting county subdivision data, you must specify at least one state.


The county for which you are requesting data. County names and FIPS codes are accepted. Must be combined with a value supplied to `state`.


The metropolitan statistical area for which you are requesting data. Specify a single value or a vector of values to get data for more than one MSA. Numeric or character MSA GEOIDs are accepted. When specifying MSAs, geography must be set to "metropolitan statistical area" and state and county must be NULL.


if FALSE (the default), return a tibble of ACS Migration Flows data. If TRUE, return an sf object with the centroids of both origin and destination as sfc_POINT columns. The origin point feature is returned in a column named centroid1 and is the active geometry column in the sf object. The destination point feature is returned in the centroid2 column.


Your Census API key. Obtain one at https://api.census.gov/data/key_signup.html


The confidence level of the returned margin of error. One of 90 (the default), 95, or 99.


if TRUE, display call made to Census API. This can be very useful in debugging and determining if error messages returned are due to tidycensus or the Census API. Copy to the API call into a browser and see what is returned by the API directly. Defaults to FALSE.


A tibble or sf tibble of ACS Migration Flows data


if (FALSE) {
  geography = "county",
  state = "VT",
  county = c("Washington", "Chittenden")

  geography = "county subdivision",
  breakdown = "RACE",
  breakdown_labels = TRUE,
  state = "NY",
  county = "Westchester",
  output = "wide",
  year = 2015

   geography = "metropolitan statistical area",
   variables = c("POP1YR", "POP1YRAGO"),
   geometry = TRUE,
   output = "wide",
   show_call = TRUE