tidycensus 1.1 2021-09-23

  • tidycensus now supports the 2020 decennial Census PL-94171 redistricting data. Use year = 2020 in a call to get_decennial() to access the data, and load_variables(2020, "pl") to look up variable IDs.
  • A new geography, "voting district" is now available for 2020 to assist with redistricting analyses.

tidycensus 1.0 2021-05-19

  • Support for the ACS Migration Flows API is available in a new function, get_flows(). Browse the supporting documentation for information on how to analyze and map migration flows data in tidycensus.
  • The shift_geo argument is deprecated in favor of using the new tigris::shift_geometry() function. This allows for shifting of geometries for any geography in national mapping projects.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements; browse the GitHub issues for a complete listing.

tidycensus 0.11.4 2021-01-20

  • Added support for the 2015-2019 5-year ACS PUMS data in get_pums(). Updated variable definitions are found in the data object pums_variables.
  • The default year in get_pums() is updated to 2019.
  • For 2015-2019 ACS aggregate data, get_acs() now supports the state parameter for zip code tabulation areas (ZCTAs) to allow subsetting by state.
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements; browse the GitHub issues for a complete listing.
  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.

tidycensus 0.11 2020-12-14

  • get_acs() now defaults to year = 2019, meaning that 2015-2019 5-year estimates and 2019 1-year estimates are retrieved if no year is specified.
  • get_estimates() now also defaults to year = 2019.
  • tidycensus can once again access the 2000 Summary File 3 in get_decennial() as the Census Bureau has restored its API endpoint.
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements; browse the GitHub issues for a complete listing.

tidycensus 0.10.2 2020-09-28

tidycensus 2020-04-03

  • geometry = TRUE now works for all geographies currently available in tidycensus.
  • get_acs() can now support the ACS Supplemental Estimates API.

tidycensus 0.9.5 2020-01-20

  • get_acs() now defaults to the 2014-2018 five-year American Community Survey estimates, or the 2018 1-year estimates if users set survey = "acs1".
  • Various improvements and bug fixes (largely thanks to Matt Herman’s contributions).

tidycensus 0.8.1 2018-08-27

tidycensus 0.4.6 2018-04-15

  • Bug fixed that was causing GEOIDs for some states to be converted to NA on certain Linux platforms

  • A new parameter, shift_geo, allows tidycensus users to get US state and county geometry originally obtained with the albersusa R package with Alaska and Hawaii shifted and re-scaled for better cartographic display of the entire US.


us_county_income <- get_acs(geography = "county", variables = "B19013_001", 
                            shift_geo = TRUE, geometry = TRUE)

ggplot(us_county_income) + 
  geom_sf(aes(fill = estimate), color = NA) + 
  coord_sf(datum = NA) + 
  theme_minimal() +