This page enumerates errors in the print version. The online version is kept up-to-date with corrections.

  • Chapter 3, p. 56: “roughtly” should be “roughly” (typo).
  • Chapter 6, p. 141: dot-density map lacks a figure caption and is not numbered as a figure.
  • Chapter 7, p. 183: the 2020 Census block shapefiles have renamed the HU20 column to HOUSING20 since publication.
  • Chapter 7, section 7.4: the hospitals object from DHS has changed since publication, and the code must be modified to run correctly.
  • Chapter 8, p. 234: “indented” should be “intended” (typo).
  • Chapter 8, p. 244 and 246: beta symbol renders in the print version as a question mark; renders correctly in the HTML version
  • Chapter 10, p. 280: “2.56” changed to “2.576” (typo).